I’m a spray paint and collage artist based in Durham, North Carolina. My work primarily focuses on the use of narrative by way of dream logic and magical realism. I utilize water with spray paint in various fashions to produce the colorful effects present in my work, where experimentation is a never-ending journey.

Whether I’m fashioning narrative construction tools (Tarot deck in Aether Arcana), or examining autobiographical experiences and motifs (sleep no sleep), I aim to employ personalized symbols through the clippings I cut and collect. I arranging them as a means to welcome individual interpretation while rewarding closer inspection.

Above all, I hope to create vibrant images that evoke a sense of fantasy and whimsy, be it in the realms of ethereal lightness or ebbing darkness. My work is predominantly on primed plywood.


Cade Carlson

instagram: spraygaze

jazz wolf    circa 2018

jazz wolf circa 2018